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Electronics From the Fringe | http://www.lucidscience.com/pro-showall.aspx

University at Buffalo

 Department of Physics (2018, 6 min)

The University at Buffalo Department of Physics has been making great strides in both research and education. More high profile publications are coming out of the department’s research programs than ever before, and more assistance is provided to students in the form of scholarships. Graduate students are involved in cutting edge research and are being well-placed after graduation. Undergraduate students are breaking new ground on a consistent basis, winning prestigious national scholarships and research fellowships. UB alumni are becoming more engaged in the department’s efforts, which is making it possible to realize its full potential.

Discovery Seminar

Bringing Physics and Engineering to Life!


GGEMS on the GO!

Girls and Guys Exploring Math and Science on the Go

Infrared light!!

Now you don't see it! Now you do!