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EH&S Laboratory Safety Training

This training is required for ALL members of the Markelz Research Group before working in the lab.

This 1.5 hour class provides basic right-to-know training on hazardous chemicals and provides instructions on how to safety handle and package laboratory wastes.  All lab workers including but not limited to: research assistants, graduate assistants, post docs, visiting post docs, and undergraduate students MUST attend the training if they are performing any work in a laboratory environment. 

Cleanroom Safety Training and Orientation

This training is required for all Markelz Research Group members who will also work in the Davis Hall Cleanroom.

  1. Request Lab Safety Training
  2. Schedule an Initial Cleanroom Orientation and Training Session

Complete Initial Training Certification Form (PDF) and take to session

Take this form to the Initial Orientation and Training Session to obtain an authorizing signature certifying your attendance. Scan and submit this form, along with all other required documentation for lab access, online.

Meeting Room Reservations

Useful Databases

THz Databases

Material Databases

Computational Resources

UB Center for Computational Research (CCR)

Tod and Alan's Code!



        The Selection Box:

  • index % 2 == 0 - displays every other arrow
  • resid % 4 == 0 - displays arrow for every fourth residue
  • pbc set {48.1 53.4 64.7 92.3 74.6 116.7} -all
  • supercell 1,1,1,pdb,blue

        openGL cluster: Copy the following lines into emacs.bashrc

          module load cuda/5.5.22
          module load vmd/v1.9.2
          module load gcc
          module load biopython
          pip install --user prody



Useful/FUN! Sites

Optics Sites

Protein Expression and Purification


Protein Crystallization

  • pH meter manual 

THz Lab Information

Lab Photos and Videos

Lab Safety Contacts

  • Laser Safety (check for updates) | Frazer, Brian bmfrazer at
  • Chemical Safety (check for updates) | Oswald, Anthony acoswald at

Contact information for the Chemical Disposal Area:

         Dan Opera, Operations Manager
         University at Buffalo
         147 Hochstetter
         North Campus
         Office # 716-645-0515
         danielop at

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