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Tod and Alan's Code!



        The Selection Box:

  • index % 2 == 0 - displays every other arrow
  • resid % 4 == 0 - displays arrow for every fourth residue
  • pbc set {48.1 53.4 64.7 92.3 74.6 116.7} -all
  • supercell 1,1,1,pdb,blue

        openGL cluster: Copy the following lines into emacs.bashrc

          module load cuda/5.5.22
          module load vmd/v1.9.2
          module load gcc
          module load biopython
          pip install --user prody



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Lab Safety Contacts

  • Laser Safety (check for updates) | Frazer, Brian bmfrazer at
  • Chemical Safety (check for updates) | Oswald, Anthony acoswald at

Contact information for the Chemical Disposal Area:

         Dan Opera, Operations Manager
         University at Buffalo
         147 Hochstetter
         North Campus
         Office # 716-645-0515
         danielop at

Group Meeting Room Reservations

          Silverman 15,16,17
          Lockwood 320 (8) 520 (5)

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