Name/Email Current Project Position
Robert Thompson OCP optical characterization Undergraduate
Prof. Andrea Markelz Principal investigator for the group. We have two main lines of research: protein dynamics and collective electronic excitations. We study these phenomena with THz light and molecular dynamics simulation. amarkelz's picture Principal Investigator
Deepu George Research Scientist deepukoshy's picture Research Scientist
Timothy (TJ) LaFave THz Generation and Compact Anisotropy Spectroscopy tlafave's picture Research Scientist
Jeffrey McKinney PhD Interprotein interaction in Protein Crystals jamckinn's picture Research Scientist
Akansha Sharma I am a second year graduate student working on optics for polarization control at terahertz frequencies akanshas's picture Graduate Student
Yanting Deng My work is on developing techniques to measure the intramolecular vibrations of proteins. I am applying these techniques to photoactive proteins: photoactive yellow protein, orange carotenoid protein and FMO. Our measurements use anisotropic THz near field microscopy based on femtosecond lasers to create and detect the THz light yantingd's picture Recent PhD graduates
Alexis Serwon Protein Crystallography Undergraduate
Jeremy Kazimer Molecular Dynamics Simulation: Normal Mode Ensemble Analysis Undergraduate
Kimberly Crossen Protein Expression and Purification kccrosse's picture Undergraduate