Name/Email Current Project
Alex Davie Molecular Crystal Phonons
Prof. Andrea Markelz Principal investigator for the group. We have two main lines of research: protein dynamics and collective electronic excitations. We study these phenomena with THz light and molecular dynamics simulation.
Yanting Deng I am a first year PhD student, joining this group recently and enjoying everything around here! Now I am working on THz transmission of the polystyrene spheres at room temperature.
Joshua Bueno Pymol scripting
Deepu George Research Scientist
Olutobi Laguda I am a sophomore electrical engineering undergraduate. I am working on optimizing protein crystal growth, characterization and storage for the terahertz measurements.
Nigel Michki I am a senior undergraduate student fabricating and testing dynamic electrostatic alignment cells, which we hope to use to align proteins in solution.
Catherine Luck THz bandwidth
Brendan Mcmahon Modeling of terahertz microscopy Data
Katherine Niessen Protein Correlation Modes Measured using THz Microscopy: I am using a THz microscope to measure the large-scale vibrational modes of protiens in cyrystal samples. Specifically, I am studying how these modes change with binding and how those changes are related to function.