Name/Email Current Project
Katherine Niessen Protein Correlation Modes Measured using THz Microscopy: I am using a THz microscope to measure the large-scale vibrational modes of protiens in cyrystal samples. Specifically, I am studying how these modes change with binding and how those changes are related to function. kniessen's picture
Ryan Nyweide I am a senior physics undergraduate and am working on analysis scripts for molecular dynamics trajectories using VMD ryannywe's picture
Akansha Sharma I am a second year graduate student working on optics for polarization control at terahertz frequencies akanshas's picture
Mengyang Xu Hi, I am a third year PhD student. My current research projects are the protein resilience and fluorescent protein resistance to photobleaching, and the correlated protein motion measurements of dihydrofolate reductase crystals. mxu3's picture